Why one should study abroad at a college!

If you have passed out your higher secondary and are exploring options to study in a college, this is the impeccable time to choose to study abroad in an international college or University.

Not that we cannot move to a different city in our country. We do have enormous options in our native land. In our own country, we might miss many things. We can do a lot of things at this age on our own with a feeling of “by my self “abroad. College life affords freedom, independence, and opportunity to learn life skills which will be used throughout life. The life skills are not fully acquired staying proximate to guardians in a familiar atmosphere.

Move out the secure lap of your city and see the difference. International study experience makes a plethora of difference.

Here we share with you the various reasons to Study Abroad

various reasons to study abroad
Various reasons to Study Abroad

1. Experience a different education style

Most of the countries abroad provide an active learning experience. In India, we have passive learning more in use. The experience will be more engaging through class participation, case studies, dialogue exchange and practical off- and –on-campus experience. All this makes learning meaningful. The key to unlocking your potential might be in any of such ways.

2. Increases Your Adaptability

Traveling and visiting abroad is conventionally an excursion, you don’t realize the need to acquire skills much. This major travel, moving abroad for studies for a longer span of life, changes the way you think. You might have lived with your parents or guardians. Now you will be in charge of yourself. You will have to be responsible for small and big decisions you take and face the consequences in your day to day life. This amplifies the experience and makes you more adaptable and flexible. You will acquire the life skill to navigate a new destination, college, city, country, and social situations. This personal development and independence will prove useful in a highly competitive world.

3. Explore to take in a new culture

Staying in a new country gives you an opportunity to immerse yourself in the countries culture. When you travel, you experience it for a short while. As a resident, you will get fascinated by the distinct cultural perspectives. While studying, these unique customs, unfamiliar traditions, different food, different social atmosphere, and new language becomes part of your environment. You discover new ways to do things with your varied cultural experiences. Seeing the world through an open-minded perspective will make you a culturally aware global citizen. This will benefit you wherever you go.

4. Build a network of friends

During your course study, you will be meeting people from different countries. You become friends with people in your classes, on your sports teams, in your society, or in your student organization. And these friends will forever be part of your most cherished memories. With all this you learn about a different culture, try different activities and might develop a new interest that you may never have discovered if you’d stayed at home.

5. See the World

Studying abroad gives you an opportunity to see a different country. Along with that, you will of course see the world. Visit new places, see new terrains, natural wonders, museums, and landmarks of your host nation. Along with your friends, you can go beyond the city where you are living for your college. You can venture out a bit further to explore other parts of the host country. Improve your English language skills

Whatever might be your study course, you have to use the English language in the social setup. Usually, While studying in the U S, Canada, the U K, Ireland or the UAE, the classes are conducted in English. Even in your free time you use this language when you meet your friends or do an activity on the campus. So with not much of the effort, the language skill improves. Your advanced multilingual skills will  ameliorate. This will benefit you where ever you go as it is the global language.

6. Wider perspective and career opportunities

It does matter to your future employer that you are educated from an international college and can thrive, grow in an environment away from your comfort zone. With an open mind,communication skills now also you have developed creative problem- solving skill. This adaptability to survive in diverse environments and many more kindred skills will avail you to stand out. Employers value the skill of being independent, adaptability, and flexibility that you’ll develop from going overseas. All this helps you to get closer to your dream job.

All these are some amazing reasons for you to decide to study abroad. Studying abroad shapes you who you are and how you view the world.

If you have the opportunity to study abroad, don’t miss it , seize the chance and go for it.  

By Rashmi Sharma

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