Types of Canada Visas

Do you want to obtain a visa for Canada!

  • For what reason you want this visa!
  • It’s important to decide first what type of Canada Visas –temporary or permanent!
  • This further depends on what you want to do in Canada. 

There are a handful of varieties pertaining to Canada visas that can be looked into. You can check your eligibility for a particular visa type.

1. Visitor Visas

For people who want to visit Canada for tourism purpose and who do not intend to work in Canada. This visit is on a temporary basis. It can further allow one to stay for a short span and can be Single entry visa allowing the person to only enter Canada once, stay for a maximum of 6 months and then return to their home country. 

Multiple entry visa allows the person to enter Canada multiple times but stay temporarily until their visa expires.

Canadian Super Visa: This Canadian Super Visa allows parents or grandparents of Canadian Permanent Residents or Canadia citizens to visit their children or grandchildren for an extended stay.

2. Study Visas  

For people who wish to study or get enrolled in a study program in Canada. A Canadian student visa is only given to those who have admission granted from a Canadian university and have fulfilled all required conditions to complete their studies in the country.

If the course is for less than 6 months, then you can only get a TRV visa, but for a longer duration course that is more than 6 months of studies, you will need a Student Visa.

3. Work Visas

For people who want to work in Canada for a period. Canada temporary work visas are given to those people who have a job offer in Canada which can either pertain to a single employer or it is an open work permit.

To get this visa, the person must present documents with a valid job offer letter from a Canadian employer and qualify for a temporary visa.

4. Permanent Residence Visas

This is for people who want to emigrate to Canada permanently and bring their family members with them. Once entry granted to the country like a permanent resident and receives PR card, one can enjoy all the similar rights as Canadian citizens.

(a) Family Class Immigration

The Canadian government offers various ways to allow the dream to unite with family become a reality under its Family Class Sponsorship. These programs are some of the most generous family reunification programs in the developed world. After all, the Canadian government is committed to keeping families together whenever possible.

This visa spouses and dependent children of Permanent Residents or Canadian citizens after procedure and documentation can immigrate to Canada permanently. Any close family members of the candidate who has permanent residency in this country can assist to get PR status in the country.

A family member of the candidate having PR or citizenship will provide a sponsorship letter and various other documents to support your application. An estimated 40% of all migrants of Canada are sponsored by their family members. 

 (b) Skilled Worker Class Immigration

This Canadian visa is a type leading to permanent residency. This class welcome skilled newcomers, worker or professional, who will contribute to Canada’s growing economy. Skilled workers and professionals who settle in different countries on a permanent basis are especially valuable to any country’s economy, growth and are the strength of its workforce.

After a specific time period, later under the skilled worker category, the candidates can apply to turn into permanent residents in Canada only it is a wanted profession in Canada.

Various factors count here and candidates are appraised depending on their language ability, literacy level (which, for many occupations, includes a university degree), work experience, arranged employment, age, and adaptability.

Every aspect is autonomously estimated and the scores are evaluated which then decides either the candidate is an appropriate person for permanent resident status or not. You need 67 points to qualify for this visa.

(c) Provincial Nomination 

The Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) enable Canadian provinces to nominate individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada and are interested in settling in a particular province of the country. Almost every Canadian province and territory has its own unique Provincial Nominee Program. There are somewhat 80 provincial immigration streams.

Each PNP has at least one immigration stream that is aligned with the federal immigration selection system. The candidate has to apply by filling the form for nomination to the desired region. After this nomination has been executed, the candidate has to apply to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

The best suited PNP needs to be checked and can be challenging.The Provincial Nominee Program visas are aimed at semi or low skilled professionals whose occupations and skills are needed in certain provinces in Canada.

(d) Business Class Immigration

This immigration program aims to attract individuals having significant ability to contribute to the Canadian economy.Top most priority is given to ones who aid in promoting economic development and improve the job market.For this reason ,this program is offered to investors, entrepreneurs, and self-employed individuals from outside Canada with available venture capital, significant business acumen, and entrepreneurial skills.

Under this class there are further three categories like:

  1. Entrepreneurs are also needed to exhibit business experience in possessing and running businesses as an owner or in parternership with a share in it.
  2. Investors are required to disclose the experience in the business.
  3. Self-employed persons are required to have the intention, expertise, and capacity to begin a business that will create an employment opportunity for themselves and also other employees.

(e) The Immigrant Investor Program

This program is for people who will make investments in the Canadian economy and have a net worth of at least CAD$800,000. They must invest at least CAD$400,000 and the government will return this investment to them in 5 years without any interest.

(f) Quebec-Selected Immigration

The Canadian province of Quebec is one of the largest provinces of Canada. It has a special program for immigration to Canada called the Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers Program (QSWP). There is a huge requirement for skilled foreign workers for various trades and professions.

French language skill can enhance your points and increase chances of getting approved in this province.

Make a choice that is best suited to your profile and start with the application process.

By Rashmi Sharma

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