5 Best Countries To Study Abroad To Enhance Your Skills & Career

What are the best countries for further education?

Are you doubtful about studying abroad?

‘Study abroad’ is a term referring to the process of living outside your native country and gaining education from an educational institution present there. It involves living amidst an unfamiliar environment, culture, language and situations. Therefore, it encourages holistic development in a student. Before you plan to move to another country, you must know the best countries to study abroad.

List Of Significant Reasons – Why You Should Study Abroad?

1. Great Quality Education

Stepping out of your country for education opens the door for globally recognised universities and bringing home prestigious degrees. The highly regarded education system in countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, UK etc. will brush your skills to a great extent.

2. Fuller Pockets

The best countries to study abroad will provide you with jobs that will fill up your pockets.

  • Expatriates around the world declare that they earn an extremely high amount of money as compared to their home country.
  • Investing in a different country knowing that will develop you as an individual and also open a great path of opportunities! Which can change the situation of your family in the next 20 years, why won’t you take that risk?

3. Personal Development Leading to Career Opportunities

Living outside your comfort zone, in an incipient country where things are unique to you makes you adaptable and open to challenges. Employers profoundly relish these traits. Attributes like confidence, cognitions through communication, management and self-dependency get affixed to your individuality.

  • Adaptability and self-dependent: employers become impressed by ex-pats ability to adapt to various situations, take up risks and face challenges independently. Learning to rely on yourself in unfamiliar situations and doing everything from maintaining the home to earning makes you, your own master.
  • Relations Through Communication: Communication is the key to prosperity, amidst the incipient environment ex-pats learn efficacious communication to make their place in The society further leading to the formation of relations and connections that are extremely helpful!
  • Confidence: Making your path amidst peculiar individuals has a positive effect on your self-perception! You commence to feel good about yourself boosting your aplomb and self-esteem you culminate up deporting your personality traits!
  • Management skills: you as an outsider in a new country will learn the skill of managing your time from eating, doing laundry, cleaning up the home, handling the new currency and language, along with giving your best at work which will end up giving you a fast life! 
  • Overcoming fears by taking up challenges: Not everyone dares to step out of their comfort areas to a completely strange environment with unknown individuals and entirely new culture, those who do are said to be dearie and challenging for they have overcome their fears.
  • Broad mindedness and critical thinking skills: People from various backgrounds will broaden your horizon making your thinking patterns flexible. Accepting a new culture, language is the first step to the formation of a broad mind. Questioning small perks, seeking solutions to everyday problems and exploring the new enhances critical thinking skills!
  • Be creative: Singapore management university’s student “Angela Leung” described individuals exposed to a new country, culture, people and language have the better creative ability as they engage in the creative process more than a common individual does and generate unconventional ideas.

All these attributes in an employee forces employer to engage the individual in the company.

4. Enhance Your CV

If you choose from one of the best countries to study abroad will provide you with well-recognised degrees. So Why not make your resume stand out?

When you have the experience of living in unfamiliar situations, dealing with different people, more exposure to the world, incremented level of adaptability and being an international student! With such an astronomical variety of practical learning, you will arrive at job interviews with confidence, intrepidity and maturity.

Make your life worth living! Take up challenges, changes and incipient experiences, make your life a resplendent dish of mixed ingredients! Study abroad, evolve!

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A Brief Comparison- Indian Education System & Other Best Countries to Study Abroad

1. Approach

A. In India 

The Indian education system has a prime focus on theoretical learning. memorizing facts like death dates and birth dates of freedom fighters is all that is given importance in this study methodology. There’s is no scope of divergent thinking, creativity and unconventional ideas are not supported.

B. Abroad

the study methodology of the foreign countries is entirely different. They focus on practical based learning. Research work, self-study and scope of creativity can be observed in their education system.


A. In India

Lack of research initiatives due to limited funds offered by the Indian government 

B. Abroad

Known to be the best countries to study abroad have Better and more research initiatives, as they are funded by huge organizations such as Microsoft and Google.


A. In India

Limited scholarships are present in Indian universities.

B. Abroad

the best countries to study abroad provide Numerous scholarships for international students and work-study programs also provide an edge to the students!

4.Return of investment 

A. In India

The RIO entirely depends upon the college you join, the tag of top college is highly appreciated in India and creates your path towards a successful future further.

B. Abroad

The RIO of foreign universities is really good even though they are expensive, it allows the development of skill in the students which a powerful kick start to a successful future!

Lastly, in foreign countries, skill is valued more than grades & certificates and that is only the case in India.

Challenges That Come Your Way When You Decide to Move Abroad 

1. Expensive

The best countries to study abroad are expensive as you have to pay the international fee and cost of a stay in that country additionally integrates up.

Your expenditure will include the cost of your

  • accommodation
  • International fee
  • Food, clothing and laundry 
  • Bedsheets, bathroom products, everyday items
  • Study-related costs for assignments 
  • Transportation cost to and fro home
  • Health care
  • Coming and Traveling back to your country 


  • Look for universities that suit your budget, look at the university fee as an investment that will have infinite returns
  • Well Planning your finances and saving earlier for your college will not make your education seem like a burden.
  • Try to secure a scholarship or join study-work programs

2.You are by yourself

  • Cultural Shock

Be prepared that you will face a cultural shock and feelings of sadness, alienation, isolation, anxiety, and stress are bound to happen.

  • Exposure To Non-Ethical Things 

When exposed to different countries, young minds may adopt unethical practices not knowing the consequences of these practices. Hence, it is advised to be mindful while interacting with strangers.

  • Homesickness

Being amidst strangers you tend to miss your family and your family misses you too, this makes it hard to focus on studies. Initially, every individual hesitates during interaction with the new faces but later on the students form their group of friends and things get easily handled.

  • Chances of Experiencing Racism 

This is less chance however it is prevalent that racism harassment may be practised and it is a huge disappointment as this obstructs the path of students to gain international education.

  • High Risk

If things get in the way, and you do not enjoy your course or you face some personal problems due to which you have to return to your home country prematurely then it would be a huge loss of time, money and energy!


  • Do not have high expectations with the foreign country and try to make your personality flexible so that you can adapt to the lifestyle there and make new friends!
  • Try to stay connected with your parents through Skype, the vibe of any online video call service!
  • Think about all possible outcomes before you make your decision to study abroad and be prepared.

3.Long Travel

  • The best countries to study abroad seem to be far away from India and therefore travelling is money, time and an energy-consuming job which may get hectic if carried out often. Therefore, if you are too emotionally attached to your home town, remember you will not be able to go back regularly, since it is such a big task.


Wait till you get emotionally mature to study in the best countries abroad. If not undergraduate, then postgraduate courses are also available!

5 Best Countries To Study Abroad to Evolve Your Career

1.United States of America

The USA is a hub of prestigious institutes that dominate the globe. Young minds from across the world seek this country for further education. It is home to More than 5500 universities

and colleges and you can all varieties of programs here! The multicultural environment and abundant opportunities are just a few reasons why every individual desire to study in the US.

  • High Academic Standards

Quality education, rigorous practices are encouraged to maintain the bar of education and according to the QS WORLD RANKING 2019, out of 100 top universities, 33 are present in the US.

Times Higher Education Ranking has put 7 US Universities in the list of its top 10 universities.

  • Support for International Students 

Orientation programs, workshops, and training for the international students help them in their initial years of struggle and settlement in the new nation. The international student office solves the queries of the international students whether it is academics, social or cultural query. The students fit well into the American lifestyle through their support system!

  • Variety is the Spice of Life

Different cultures, races, ethnicities can be found here! This will help you explore and learn about the distinct festivals, art, cuisines and language.

Interaction with different minds and communities will stir your desire to discover more!

  • Lively Student Life

No doubt that whichever US university you take admission to, your campus life will be matchless. Amidst the various activities, fun classroom life and different faces coming from all parts of the world will leave you in a great place! Embrace it and open up yourself!

Universities of USA

  •  Princeton – in New Jersey, a quiet town, and is among the oldest colleges in the US.
  • Harvard University – Including 13 schools that are the top medical, business, applied sciences, law, and engineering schools! It was found in 1637 by the general court of the Massachusetts bay colony. It’s a non-profit and private institution.
  • Columbia – Columbia includes the Fu foundation school, of engineering and applied science, Columbia college and the school of general studies.
  • Massachusetts, MIT – Known for scientific and technological research. This university has exceeded $700 million per year on research. The school of engineering and Sloan school of management falls under MIT.
  • Yale university – Present in new haven, Connecticut has amazing drama and music courses. Focuses on practical learning and includes many student organizations such as Yale whiffenpoofs.

2.United Kingdom 

The UK has a very strong research infrastructure.

With only 0.9% world’s population, it puts 6.4% global journal articles and 11.6% citations.

95,184 research doctoral degrees awarded in the year 2008-09, 2012-13. 33% of The UK research is classified as world-leading and 46% as internationally excellent by the Research excellence framework.

  • Education quality 

Quality assurance agency for higher education (QAA) inspects the UK universities regularly. Therefore, great standards of research, training and teaching are maintained. Teaching

excellence framework rates teaching at UK universities. The research excellence framework as mentioned above examines the research practice of Universities. QS ranking ranked London as “the 5th best student’s friendly city” on the globe. 

  • Working in the UK

After studying you switch your visa from a Tier 4 to a Tier 2 general visa. From the gk border agency, you apply for a work visa and you may opt for:

  1. Tier 2(general) visa: open for UK graduates who have a job offer.
  2. Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa: students who are sponsored by their university and are on a journey to develop innovative ideas!

Universities of UK

  1. University of Oxford: India’s prime ministers Indra Gandhi and Dr Manmohan Singh are alumni of this university. 
  2. University of Cambridge: Jawaharlal Nehru, who was India’s first pm, Amartya sen who was a popular economist, both have studied at trinity college which is under the University of Cambridge 
  3. Imperial College, London: sir Alexander Fleming, the inventor of penicillin, has studied at the imperial college London. It is known for its science education!
  4. University College London (UCL): Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation is alumni of this university as he studied law here.

3. Canada 

Canada is known for its excellent academic qualifications. QS world university rankings have ranked 26 Canadian universities. The world universities ranking has ranked 27 Canadian universities. The top 100 best universities in the world include 5 Canadian universities. 

  • Highest quality of life 

Ranked no.1 in the world to have the topmost quality of life. The country is also home to 4 out of 100 best student cities. Respect for human life, different cultures, peaceful environment and great educational opportunities!

  • Affordable life and study

The tuition fee is much less in Canada when compared to the US and UK. Scholarships are also available for students; the students can check their eligibility for scholarships on the university websites. Living expenses are also affordable there it is easy to prepare a budget.

  • Earning while learning 

The students can work up to 20 hours every week, thanks to the regulation of regulations of the Canadian government as now the international students can easily find a part-time job and earn off their living expenses.

Universities Of Canada

  1. The University of Toronto, the leading institute of learning in Canada, is one of the world top research-intensive universities, which innovates and invents. Located in Ontario it is a 100 years old university.
  2. The University of British Columbia, an open research university, established in 1908, is recognized as the most international university in America
  3. McGill University is the topmost medical doctoral university. It is one of the best universities in the world with students from around 150 countries. 31% of its students are international. It was established in Montreal, Quebec, in 1821.
  4. The University of Waterloo, established in 1957. Students of this university have access to state of the art computers. Waterloo is present in the heart of Canada technology hub. There are 100 ug degrees and 190 graduate programs.


Falling after the US and UK, Australia has the third-largest number of international students. In Australia, about 12.1% of international students are from India. There is the various reason why students especially Indian students opt for Australian education:

  • Prestigious degree

The degree of Australia is globally recognized. Australian universities alumni are highly successful individuals and it is really easy for them to find jobs, therefore, studying in Australia is not a bad idea. A wide range of educational courses in Australia suits everyone’s unique abilities. 

  • Scholarships 

Various scholarships will help you reduce the number of tuition fees. This helps a student from a humble background to gain international education. Good academics is the way of availing these scholarships but volunteering and extra cubical activities also help. 

  • Working in Australia 

Students can work 40 hours per fortnight and this helps them carry out their daily expenses along with gaining work experience. After education the range of work is not limited due to your degree, there are a wide variety of options you can choose from to work.

Best Universities of Australia

  • University of Melbourne 
  • University of Sydney
  • Monday university
  • The Royal Melbourne Institute of technology 
  • The university of queens land 

All are top notch universities that support a student to excel in their career!


  • Geared to practice

The practice-oriented curriculum of German universities helps the students outshine their skills in their successful future. The German universities have tie-ups with well-known company’s.

The faculty supports every student’s career so that every individual land in the best place. There is a large array of international courses that a student can choose from. And while you are studying your internal potential is unlocked through motivation, determination.

Moreover, Germany opens many doors for its ambitious students.

  • Safe country

Comparing Germany with other countries it is a far safer country. You can enjoy roaming around during the day or night without any hesitation and therefore it is the perfect place for students to study.

  • Diversity

Discover Germany! There is more to it. Apart from the variety of courses, programs and areas of study that it is offering you, the country has abundant greenery! Its beaches, old castles and museums, the mountains and lake are all unique in their way! 

Best Universities of Germany

  • Berlin institute of technology 
  • Technical University of Munich 
  • Unibody oh Freiburg
  • University of Bonn
  • Eberhard Karls university of tubingen

However, All provide prestigious degrees and to get into these universities the process remains the same a good academic score, SAT ACTS exams must be given and an English proficiency test is a must! and you can further check out the requirement of your specific university that you desire to go to.

You can decide out of these best countries for studying abroad. An international experience must be a component of your edification since it allows you to evolve as a better individual! Exposure, practical learning, experience, independence and the faculty to take up challenges is an essential attribute desired in a human. Ameliorate your income, transmute your family situation and bring out unconventional revelation in this world.

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” ― Henry Miller                                                                                                

Written By: Nehal Sharma


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